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Bad Credit Mortgages

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Bad Credit Home Loan Specialists!
Bad Credit Scores? Foreclosure? Bankruptcy?
Pay Off Credit Cards and Other Debt
Lower Your Monthly Payments
Reestablish Your Credit and Financial Well Being

Bad Credit Mortgage Basics

It only takes a few minutes to find out how we can help you with a bad credit mortgage or home loan with our Fresh Start Mortgage Program. The program begins the process of reviewing your credit by addressing unpaid credit cards and debts so that you can get these items up to date on your credit report. Regardless of your situation, we have the investors necessary to fund almost any bad credit loan. We can prevent foreclosure, take you out of bankruptcy, and pay off credit cards and other debts regardless of your credit scores. Fresh Start Mortgage loans enable you to get cash out to take care of the credit issues you have or even purchase a new home.

Our  Fresh Start Mortgage Program are the first step in reversing the damage your credit has sustained and improving your credit scores. Refinancing with a Fresh Start Mortgage loan enables you to get the cash you need to begin paying off debts that have been neglected. Improving your credit is the first step in starting over and reestablishing your credit, regardless of past bad credit issues, bankruptcy, low credit scores and even foreclosure.

Debt Consolidation – Pay Off Credit Cards

Fresh Start Mortgage debt consolidation loans can help save you money every month by paying off your outstanding credit cards and debts regardless of your bad credit. Bad credit consolidation loans help you consolidate all of this debt into one easy monthly payment so that your life is simplified and you are able to save money every month

Unpaid bills, collection companies, and growing debts can cause stress, worry, and headaches if not dealt with appropriately. Use the equity in your home to begin paying off your debts and reestablishing your credit. Apply now and we will tell you how much we can save you and will lay out a roadmap to strengthen your financial future.

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